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Motor vehicle accidents are among the leading cause of injury and death nationwide, and they pose the potential for devastating consequences. When victims suffer injuries in any type of preventable motor vehicle collision, they have the right to hold the at-fault party accountable for their negligence and liable for the damages they suffered.

At Allingham & Readyoff, LLC, our New Milford personal injury attorneys have helped many men, women, and families throughout Connecticut protect their rights to compensation following a range of traffic accidents. By leveraging decades of collective experience and an unwavering commitment to our clients, we have been able to secure millions of dollars in compensation on their behalves and establish our firm as a trusted source of legal representation when it’s needed most.

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Motor Vehicle Accident Cases We Handle

Our proven personal injury lawyers draw from a comprehensive understanding of personal injury law, the rights of injured victims, and the options they have for securing the maximum compensation possible. Given our experience, we are able to handle all types of motor vehicle accident cases.

  • Car Accidents – All drivers have a legal responsibility to take reasonable measures in avoiding undue risks. When a motorist is negligent, such as when they violate a traffic signal, drive distracted, or operate a motor vehicle under the influence, they can be held liable for the damages victims suffer as a result.
  • Truck Accidents – Because commercial trucks and tractor-trailers pose substantial risks to public safety, the trucking industry is heavily regulated. Unfortunately, truck drivers and trucking companies may not always abide by the laws, especially when they put profits over people’s safety. When their actions lead to preventable accidents and injuries, victims can file personal injury lawsuits to hold them accountable and recover financial compensation.
  • Motorcycle Accidents – Motorcycle riders are among the most vulnerable motorists on our road. Even when riders make every effort to ride defensively and remain vigilant, wrecks can still occur when others are negligent. Personal injury claims are often crucial in allowing injured riders, many of whom suffer extensive harm, to secure the compensation they need.

Other motor vehicle accident cases we handle include those involving:

  • Pedestrian Accidents
  • Bicycle Accidents
  • Defective Products
  • Catastrophic Injuries
  • Wrongful Death
  • Workers’ Compensation

Your Right to Compensation

As a victims injured by negligence, you have the legal right to pursue financial compensation from the at-fault party. However, doing so can be difficult when you face off against large and powerful insurance companies that want to pay as little as possible – which is why working with proven lawyers can make the difference in your case and your ability to recover all the damages you incurred as a result of your injuries, including:

  • Medical expenses and future medical needs
  • Lost income and diminished earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional injuries and mental anguish

Our legal team understands the toll accidents and injuries can have on the lives of victims and their families, which is why we diligently work to ensure fault and liability are clearly established, and that our clients are in the best possible position to make a positive recovery.

Discuss Your Case Personally with a Lawyer

Because time is an important factor in personal injury cases, we invite you to reach out to our team as soon as possible after your accident. During a free case evaluation, we can help you better understand the merits of your potential claim, your rights, and how we can help you fight for the compensation you deserve.

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