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Probate refers to the court supervised process of verifying a person’s final wishes and distributing an estate accordingly. However, if a will is unclear or no estate plan exists, assets may be held up in the court system, slowly dwindling as time progresses and fees mount. Whether you are seeking to implement legal strategies for your own estate or you have been named as an executor after the passing of a loved one, Allingham & Readyoff, LLC can provide compassionate, effective services. Our Litchfield County probate attorneys possess more than 35 years of collective experience and are dedicated to helping members of our community reach their goals.

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Will Every Estate Go through Probate?

Not every will or estate may need to go through the process of probate. In fact, many people choose to draft estate plans which avoid the process altogether. Factors such as the size of an estate, the type of assets that are included, and how assets are to be transferred can all play a role in determining if probate is needed. Our attorneys can help you understand your situation, if probate is a likelihood, and what you may expect in the process ahead. If you have any questions about your specific case, we invite you to discuss them with our attorneys.

Our firm can help with processes including:

  • Drafting and filing estate planning documents such as wills and living trusts
  • Assisting with the location and distribution of debts
  • Preparing financial accounts for distribution
  • Handling tax-related documentation related to asset transfer

Our firm can also assist with the resolution of family disputes if they arise. In cases where a will is unclear, multiple inheritors may assert a claim to an asset. This can be especially true if there is a suggestion that estate documents were signed under duress or while the signer did not possess the adequate mental capacity. Probate can take many unexpected and costly turns. Protecting an estate begins with a call to our firm.

Questions about Probate? Let Us Help

At Allingham & Readyoff, LLC, we understand that everyone will have a different story which is why we take the time to learn about each client’s specific situation. While probate and estate administration can cover a wide range of legal issues, we can tailor plans to meet your goals. Our Litchfield County probate attorneys possess substantial experience with even the most complex cases and can be a guiding voice in your corner every step of the way.

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